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the cover of aether/ichor issue 2: equinox
And we’re back! Happy Spring Equinox! I’m very proud to present issue two of Æther/Ichor. We’re keeping you on your toes during these limpid months of beauty and new growth: in this issue, Spooky in Spring, we’re bringing you a veritable parade of ghosts, ghouls, zombies and dead boyfriends, powerful memories and dark rituals. From the humorous to the melancholy to the downright frightening, this issue explores the dead, the undead, and the soon-to-be-dead, our complex relationships with them, and what makes us go to such lengths to dig them up! These dark, atmospheric stories will give you a much-needed dose of memento mori this season, and hopefully provoke some thought at the same time!

-Eris Young, managing editor

Light In the Dark by Eligoria Seneca
Raleigh Moore stepped off his wagon and examined the sign bolted to the wrought iron gates, letters glinting faintly in the light of the lantern dangling from the seat. Brook Lane Cemetery. The right place…

Upgrade Your Man by Ellen Meny
Dirt is heavier than it looks, even when it’s bone-dry in the cold night air…

Guest in the House of Ruin by Daniel Pietersen – first published in Æther/Ichor in April, 2017
There’s somebody else in here, in this house. Someone who shouldn’t be. Someone who can’t be…

Bad Elements by Ely Percy – first published in New Writing Scotland, 2017
It’s raining. Invisible rain. The kind that strikes like fast silver knives. I can’t see it through the window of the bus, but I know it’s there because the pavements are slick and black, and folk are scurrying along with hoods up and coats held tight against their throats…

The Murderer by Rachel Cohen – first published in Æther/Ichor in July, 2016
[content warning for this story: discussion of suicide] Dr. Albrecht bent over the new file.  Larry Courtland, 19, first-year university student… The young man was brought in by his mother, following a suicide attempt.  Depression, difficulty sleeping…

The Samhain Show by Ed Ahern
“I don’t think I can roll out the cauldron.” Griselda patted her sister’s shoulder. “Of course you can, dearie. Just use a spell.” “No, no,” Brunstella muttered. “Until I can accomplish another evil deed, I’ve only got energy left for one spell. I’m not wasting it on rolling a rusty iron pot out into the woods.” “Then hire a troll.”

Early Risers by Hamilton Perez – first published in Æther/Ichor in March, 2017
It was 7am when the dead began to wake, and John had only just finished breakfast. He saw it happen by an accidental glance through the open chapel doors. Throughout the cemetery, hands flung from the earth like grabby flowers, and John was at the center of it all, wishing his best laid plans had laid a little longer…

Scrapbook by Simon K Brown – first published in New Writing Scotland
Some call me a crook but I knows I’m better than that. If I hears any of that cobblers I kicks them out the orchard and makes a note never to let them anywhere near my bloody trees again. Can’t have them barging in and agitating my junipers.